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How to join Cabo Benefits?

1. Register @ and purchase your CaboBenefits membership online.
2. Choose from our vast array of services and activities and save up to 25% on activities and services!

What do I get for my $100 USD?

  • One YEAR of Unlimited discounts on a vast array of activities, services and rentals!
    • Outdoor activities
    • Water Activities
    • Golf
    • Fishing & Yachiting
    • Transportations
    • Catering and luxury services
    • Tours
  • Free medical consultaton for members and direct family (spouse/children under 18) in participating hospitals CLICK HERE.
  • 20% discount on medical services, pharmacy, including hospitalization in participating hospitals. CLICK HERE
  • Concierge and help desk. Bilingual call center to help visitors set up their ideal vacation.
  • SOS Section. Contacts and help for emergencies and other incidents.